How to Buy

How selling your items works Item support: You can choose whether or not to support certain items. If you choose to support an item, this will be identified on the item page. All supported items include a support period. Buyers can buy support extensions on these items. The total price for an item on Envato Market is made up of: The list price is made up of the item price and buyer fee, and is the price on an item page. Item price: The item price is made up of a license fee (for the license chosen for the item), and if relevant the item support fee (for supported items). Buyer fee: This is the fee buyers pay Envato for the buyer services we provide buyers. Handling fee: In some transactions the total price may include a handling fee. Taxes: Some transactions may be subject to tax that may be added to the price. 10. Exclusivity: When you become an author, you can choose to make your items and related items available exclusively on Envato or to retain the ability to sell your items elsewhere. The percentage of revenue you receive from each sale of your item will vary depending on your choice (as explained below). You can change your exclusivity status of your account at any time. 11. Your earnings; author fee: When your item is sold on Envato Market, you will earn the item price component of the list price less an author fee that we charge. The author fee is what you are charged by Envato for use of our platform and services as an author. The author fee is determined by whether you are selling the item only on Envato Market exclusively and by the aggregate value of list price sales you’ve had in the past. The author fee you pay to us is set out in the mercato rates that we can change at our discretion, from time to time. Any changes to these rates will take effect on and from the date on which notice of the variation is posted by us on Envato Market. 12. Setting the prices of items: We set the prices of items in some categories on Mercato Market. We know how valuable your creations are to you and so we endeavour to make the prices we set for your items fair and in line with the going market rate. Even so, you acknowledge and agree that we have absolute control over the pricing of Mercato Market items in categories where we set the prices. There are some categories known as 'author-driven pricing categories' where authors set the prices for their items. If you sell items in an author-driven pricing category, you must make all pricing decisions independently. This means that discussions about your pricing decisions are not permitted under any circumstances. 13. Review: We have rules about what we accept and don’t accept and you can read up on these in our author-related Mercato Market information. Although we always like to provide constructive feedback we’re not obliged to give you any reasons for rejecting your item. We have the final say on whether items are accepted for Mercato Market. 14. No Variation: You are not permitted to vary these terms as they apply between you and buyers, or to offer your items on different terms or with additional terms (for example, through your item description pages). Any different or additional terms that you try to impose on Mercato Market on your items will have no effect against buyers or Envato.