Transferring Medium

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Transferring Medium is a medium designed to keep the biological samples during transporting. To maintain the cell viability, the transferring medium is enhanced by HEPES buffer to maintain the pH, nutrients, and antibiotic-mycotic to inhibit the growth of bacteria if any and fungi if any. Due to containing HEPES, Transferring Medium maintains cell viability well with stable pH level, nutrients, and antibiotic-mycotic to prevent bacterial growth and fungal growth.

This product contains all essential vitamins, amino acids, glucose, pyruvate acid that improve viability of cells or tissues up to 48hrs during transporting from 2oC to RT

Transferring buffer solution is used to preserve tissue / samples during transport from the place of collection (hospital) to the laboratory / factory of cell products. The solution is manufactured from materials that meet USP standards, according to GMP-WHO guidelines.


Transferring buffer is used to preserve tissues such as adipose tissue, umbilical cord tissue, skin tissue, etc. during long-distance transport. The solution enhances cell viability in tissue over long periods of time.



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