ExoCryosave OTS

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ExoCryosave OTS is used for exosomes cryopreservation and meets the standards for human use. It is supplied in 2X concentration and contains human serum albumin, which meets USP standards, and trehalose.

? Completed medium 2X
? Antibiotics-free

? Antimycotics-free
? Animal-free
? Phenol red-free
? Cryoprotectant-free (DMSO, glycerol...)
? Quality and traceability guarantee by ISO 13485:2016

The products are for in vitro use only and not for diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

Store ExoCryosave OTS at 2-8oC and away from light until ready to use.


ExoCryosave OTS is a off-the-shelf cryopreservation medium. The product shows its efficiency in cryopreservation of 2 types of mesenchymal stem cells like adipose tissue and human umbilical cord. Moreover, ExoCryosave OTS maintains a high percentage of viable cells after thawing.


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