MNC Extraction Easy Kit

MNC Extraction Easy Kit is a kit used to isolate the mononuclear cells (MNCs) from the blood. This kit is desiged with new advances in the isolation method that uses the gel in the tube. With this technology, the procedure for MNC isolation is so simple, high efficacy and reproducible.

The porous gel is put in the separation tubes that can separate the MNCs with immune cells and red blood cells. With the gel, all manipulations are simple.

The kits were tested with bone marrow and umbilical cord blood.

Cell Extraction EZ Kit

Cell Extraction EZ kit is a new technology to dissociate solid tissues or tumors into single cells. Different to Cell Extraction Kit, in Cell Extraction EZ kit, enzymes (collagenase and dispase) are coated in the extractor.

By this improvement, the Cell Extraction EZ kit is easy to use, easy to ship.

This kit is tested in adipose tissue, umbilical cord, breast tumor, placenta.

Cell Extraction Mini Kit

Cell Extraction Mini Kit is a set of reagents and consumables used to extract single cells from solid tissues (up to 10 grams of tissue) such as adipose tissue, umbilical cord,...

The products were tested with high efficacy for adipose tissues and umbilical cord tissues to collect single cells.

To increase the extraction efficacy, this product uses the combitorial mechanisms of enzymes and machenic forces to break up the solid tissues to single cells.

The enzyme cocktails are specially desinged with high-puried collagenase with dispase.

Quality and traceability guarantee by ISO 13485:2016.