MSCCryosave OTS

MSCCryosave OTS is supplied in a 1X concentration for the cryopreservation of cells and mesenchymal stem cells. It is a uniquely formulated animal component-free, cryoprotectant-free, phenol red-free, and defined cryopresevation medium containing human serum albumin, which is approved by USP standards.

• Completed medium 1X concentration

• Antibiotics-free

• Antimycotics-free

• Animal component-free

• Cryoprotectant-free

• Phenol red-free

• Quality and traceability guarantee by ISO 13485:2016

The products are for in vitro use only and not for diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

Store the MSCCryosave OTS  at 2-8oC and away from light until ready to use.


MSCCryosave OTS is a off-the-shelf cryopreservation medium. The product shows its efficiency in cryopreservation of 2 types of mesenchymal stem cells like adipose tissue and human umbilical cord. Moreover, MSCCryosave OTS maintains a high percentage of viable cells after thawing.